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ETOA  Guild of Battlefield Guides

Beaumont Hamel View Battlefield Tours

About Beaumont Hamel View Battlefield Tours

Battlefield tours from the property are second to none. This area saw the most intense fighting through the Somme offensive from 1 July 1916 to 18 November 1916 and there is much to see, we can arrange a motorbike tour or an accompanied driving tour for a general Somme offensive presentation over the 16 mile front or a combination of the two which is most popular.

Important Note

 Please ensure that before leaving for France that you have the correct medical insurance for you and your passengers. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is the replacement for the old E111 form, can be applied for online at www.ehic.org.uk

 Also ensure you have the correct vehicle insurance for driving in Europe including sufficient breakdown and recovery cover in the event of any problems. If you would like to participate in any tours, all aspects of safety and risk will be discussed prior to embarking on the tour. But ultimately participation is at your own risk.

"Walking in Their Footsteps" Tour

A full day tour starting with a presentation of WW1 soldiers equipment, weapons, uniform, artillery shells, shrapnel, fragmentation and grenades. We will then evaluate Geoffrey Malins and John McDowells famous 1st July 1916 ... « read more »

Motorcycle 2 Day Somme Tour

We offer a number of motorcycle tours in conjunction with Biker Battlefield Tours. Detailed below is the itinerary for the Somme tour.

Both ... « read more »

Army LandRover 4x4 Off-Road Tour

The Somme battlefields of the First World War are visited by numerous tourists every year, who take in the vast number of memorials, cemeteries and key places of interest, specifically those which still show remnants of ... « read more »

1st July 1916 Tour

The 1ST July 1916 tour begins by looking at key features from Beaumont Hamel View including handouts with maps and fact sheets. This includes an explanation and demonstration of a soldier's equipment; including an original Lee Enfield Rifle dated 1916 complete with bayonet, ... « read more »

Shot At Dawn & VC Winners Tours

Shot at Dawn Tour

An extremely thought provoking 1 day tour of the area is specific to the 'Shot at Dawn' soldiers. A presentation of personal ... « read more »

Poets of the Somme Tour

A full day visiting the sites associated with the most well known and famous poets who fought, were wounded and died on the Somme in 1916. As a concentration more WW1 poets fought in this 1916 campaign ... « read more »

Pilgrimage Tours

Many people wish to visit the battlefields of the Somme and Ypres to trace the footsteps of a fallen relative; a father, grandfather, uncle or even great-uncle who signed up, trained and went on to fight on the battlefields. What happened to him? Where did he fight? What equipment and weapons ... « read more »

Australian 1 day Somme Tour

A full day visiting the sites associated with Australian courage and sacrifice on the Somme in both 1916 and 1918. Essential sites include the village of Pozieres, scene of the most costly battle in Australia's history, ... « read more »

Canadian 1 Day Somme Tour

A full day visiting the sites associated with Canadian courage and sacrifice on the Somme in 1916.

Essential sites to include the village of Courcelette, where the Canadians had 24,000 casualties in the desperate attacks of August ... « read more »

WW1 Tunnel Tour

Beaumont Hamel View now offers to guests a fantastic tunnel tour beneath a local village. There are over 50 chambers that 1000s of soldiers in WW1 'Billets' where they slept, ... « read more »

Newfoundland Somme Tour

Visit the sites associated with Newfoundland courage and sacrifice on the Somme in 1916. The most infamous attack on the Germans at Beaumont-Hamel July 1916 and walk ... « read more »

Cycling The Somme

We offer a number of different tours, but after customer requests we have now included cycling the Somme battlefields. An absolutely fantastic way of seeing the WW1 battlefields, seeing beautiful terrain and following the actions along the ... « read more »

The Forgotten Front Loos Battle Tour

The forgotten front of 1915 and the first British set battle of 25th Sept is a tragic action with 60,000 casualties. Because of the lack of artillery French and Haig supplemented with 140 tons of gas. This was the British retort to the German ... « read more »

Royal Flying Corps Tour - Airfields and Airmen

1 to 3 Days Tour. A full programme of visiting the airfields of both sides, where they flew from on their dawn patrols, aerial combat zones, positions of defences, raids, the chateau's where they slept and tried to relax before the extreme ... « read more »

WW1 'Landship' Tank Tour (1 or 2 Days)

There are many sites of action to visit across the Somme and discuss the introduction of these British secret weapons 'Land ships' later known as 'The Tank' in WW1. They were developed specifically to break the stalemate ... « read more »