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Pilgrimage Tours

Many people wish to visit the battlefields of the Somme and Ypres to trace the footsteps of a fallen relative; a father, grandfather, uncle or even great-uncle who signed up, trained and went on to fight on the battlefields. What happened to him? Where did he fight? What equipment and weapons did he use? There is information available to explain this and reveal exactly what he did, with his unit details, the Division, Brigade and Battalion, even down to the Company and Platoon he belonged to.

A remembrance visit specific to him and his site of action, grave or memorial will include the following:

  1. His war record and unit/service details.
  2. Battlefield tour and site of action.
  3. Operational Instructions, battle orders.
  4. War diary of the day/date of the wounding/death.
  5. Casualty evacuation process and the location(s) where he was treated.
  6. Maps and trenches where he was accurately identified as being positioned.
  7. Grave and memorial.
  8. A programme written specifically for your trip prior to arrival.
  9. His dossier with pictures and documents.


A full presentation over a 2 nights and 3 day period for a group or family up to 8 persons, to include a soldiers report, bed & breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal, transfers, transport around the battleground, a specialist guide and historian. 


Each tour and group size is tailored to suit, please contact us for further details.