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Poets of the Somme Tour

A full day visiting the sites associated with the most well known and famous poets who fought, were wounded and died on the Somme in 1916. As a concentration more WW1 poets fought in this 1916 campaign than anywhere else in history. We will visit their site of action; discuss their character, military role and responsibility and attacks, awards, wounding, or grave.

Read their poetry in the battlefield and evaluate the anguish of their words before they went into the action.

Poets in focus will be

Siegfried Sassoon (Bois Francais)

Robert Graves (Mametz wood)

William Hodgson (Mansell Copse)

Wilfred Owen (Ancre)

Isaac Rosenberg (High Wood)

David Jones (Mametz wood)

JRR Tolkien (Pozieres ridge)

Frank Richards (Bazentin Le Petit)

Ernst Junger (German soldier at Guillemont)

We will spend a short time at the main British sites associated with the Battle of the Somme, including the massive 30-metre-deep Lochnagar Mine Crater the Thiepval Memorial (where the names of 72,000 missing men are recorded) and the preserved trenches at the Newfoundland Memorial Park. There are no museums, visitor centres or wasted time on this concentrated day.

Our profile will include detail of his unit in action, copy of the original operational instructions, orders on the advance. Artillery, aircraft and tunnelling.

The day is supported by a detailed handout, trench maps, GPS mapping of the battlefield lines.

The focus in being on the battleground in the actual position where these men where located. You will appreciate the difficulties of their routine in defence, apprehension of going into the attack understanding the topography of the ground and distance between British and German front lines and ‘No Man’s Land’

Options also include

Remembrance service at the site of action or grave.

British soldiers fighting equipment and the items he used in battle.

Picnic lunch

For further information please contact us.