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Shot At Dawn & VC Winners Tours

Shot at Dawn Tour

An extremely thought provoking 1 day tour of the area is specific to the 'Shot at Dawn' soldiers. A presentation of personal details of the soldier shot, actions leading up to the court martial and the execution. Visiting the graves of the 18 soldiers shot in the area and discussing the pardons which were granted in 2006. From the copies of court marshal papers the facts and assumptions leading to the executions will be discussed. And the only grave of the First World War with the famous 'Shot at Dawn' inscription will be visited explaining this soldier's death.

VC Winners Tour

There were 628 VCs won by 627 recipients during WW1, of which 51 were awarded for conspicuous bravery and valour on the Somme. 5 of those were awarded for actions which took place on 1st July 1916 most in and around the Thiepval memorial site. This tour is a full day and consists of an initial presentation and overview explaining what the VC is, how it came into being, details of the recipient's recommendation which led to the award by the King at Buckingham Palace or by the next of kin if awarded posthumously.

The route will be discussed in detail showing the area of action with the use of original trench maps. There will be an appreciation of the division, the battalion and specifically that unit attack on the date in question and where the soldier won this prestigious award. 

The 18 VCs were won in an area tour route of only 12 miles. The tour takes you to the memorial or grave discussing the action using examples of the equipment the soldier used such as the 303 SMLE rifle and bayonet and the hand grenade (Mills bomb).

The tour will finish at the world famous Thiepval memorial, the largest British memorial to the missing in the world and identify the names of the VC winners that have no known grave.

For further information on either of these tours please contact us.