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Army LandRover 4x4 Off-Road Tour

The Somme battlefields of the First World War are visited by numerous tourists every year, who take in the vast number of memorials, cemeteries and key places of interest, specifically those which still show remnants of trenches and dugouts.

Walking tours are very popular and give you an excellent appreciation of the battlefield and the ground fought over. This includes many locations of trenches, craters and sites of action with detailed supporting information including photographs and film footage.

However many locations are inaccessible on foot due to personal mobility, the terrain, distance and of course, the weather. Also included are the German lines and other locations which are rarely visited.

A special 4x4 off road experience is now available, using the many miles of tracks to take you on that special tour with a difference. This is the opportunity to experience the fantastic views, giving you an appreciation of the topography of the ground from both the Allied and German lines, including rear combat zone support positions and artillery emplacements. Walking unexplored areas of the battlefield from the vehicle you will be given the opportunity to find your own piece of battlefield history; be it a fuse, a button, a badge, part of a weapon or bayonet, even a lemonade bottle, SRD, jam jar and a knife, fork and spoon.

Tours are tailored to the group, maximum of 5 people. You will be advised of all safety aspects throughout your tour.  

For further information and costs please contact us.