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Motorcycle 2 Day Somme Tour

We offer a number of motorcycle tours in conjunction with Biker Battlefield Tours. Detailed below is the itinerary for the Somme tour.

Both our days start with a hearty full English breakfast and British WW1 soldier’s equipment, uniform, kit and weapons. A brief and map recce, gear up and move out visiting the sites associated with the battle of the Somme 1st July 1916 explaining the courage and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought. Riding excellent roads and visiting the main battlefield sites, memorials, cemeteries and sites of action.

We will ride the ‘Front Line’ taking in the battalions who fought, Pals fighting together, VC winners, ‘Shot at Dawn’ soldiers, artillery positions and the famous ‘Clay Kickers’ tunnelling companies. You will also come to appreciate the RFC and what the pilots did in observation and combat. This tour also includes an appreciation of many German positions, defences and profile soldiers fighting as the enemy.

We will also spend time exploring the British sites associated with the Battle of the Somme, including the massive 30-metre-deep Lochnagar Mine Crater the Thiepval Memorial (where the names of 72,000 missing men are recorded) and the preserved trenches at the Newfoundland Memorial Park.

Serre road No2 largest cemetery on the Somme

Sheffield park (Pals battalions)

Shot at Dawn graves

Positions of the famous Somme film footage by Geoffrey Malins

Newfoundland Park (original trenches)

The famous tunnel museum in Albert

Thiepval memorial to the ‘Missing’

Lochnagar mine Crater

Tank memorial and first actions in war.

Pozieres and the Gibraltar dugout and viewing position.

Mouquet Farm

German bunker HQ

British Artillery control bunker

Profile of famous poets who fought on the Somme

Vimy ridge (tunnel and trench tour)

High wood (burial site of 8000 soldiers)

Professional Footballers memorial

Oldest and Youngest soldiers killed and commemorated.

Brothers and Fathers and sons killed together and buried together