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WW1 'Landship' Tank Tour (1 or 2 Days)

There are many sites of action to visit across the Somme and discuss the introduction of these British secret weapons 'Land ships' later known as 'The Tank' in WW1. They were developed specifically to break the stalemate of trench warfare.

You will find out about its conception, development, the prototypes and its first use in battle with failures and successes. We will visit the first sites of action and use on 15th September 1916 and the first 'Tank on Tank' battle in April 1918. There are many features including a German HQ bunker complete with 3 tank projectile holes in it!

An explanation of the different types and models, what they were used for, what worked and what didn't, the modifications made to gain the advantage of a battle winning weapon.

We will also look at the crews and profile these men who were the first pioneers who were thrust into war half trained on these beasts and learned tactics as they went into battle. We will look at these casualties and visit the graves of the lads who died in the very first actions.


Tank memorial
Walk the same battleground they advanced in battle
Action of specific tanks using war diary accounts
German perspective, fear and defences
German HQ bunker with tank projectile damage
Graves of the first tank men killed in action
Visit the 'Memorial to the Missing' to see their names
Massive tank action of Cambrai in 1917
Visit a WW1 Tank (by appointment)
Battle of Amiens 'Tank action' of 1918
Memorial for the first 'Tank on Tank' action
German Tanks
A presentation to include original film footage showing their advance and stand 100 years later on the exact same spot!
Post war development, mechanical advances and tanks today.