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Royal Flying Corps Tour - Airfields and Airmen

1 to 3 Days Tour. A full programme of visiting the airfields of both sides, where they flew from on their dawn patrols, aerial combat zones, positions of defences, raids, the chateau's where they slept and tried to relax before the extreme danger of aerial combat.

Flying Corps and aircraft development, technical progression, innovation of engineering and the many types of aircraft.

We will profile the aces from Germany, Britain, France, Canada and Australia. Visit the numerous graves on these air warriors across the Somme region, detail their actions with VC winners, DFC and other awards. We will visit the memorial to the RFC 'missing in action' at Arras then Bertangles main British airfield and Cappy where the Red Baron flew from with his 'Flying Circus'

We will visit the graves of

Major James McCudden VC

The Red Baron, crash site, funeral and burial locations.

The air war over the Somme, observation, air combat, formations, communications, tactics, photography, air drop supplies, and the bombing of strategic positions.

Soldiers, civilians and nurses killed from the air.

Progression from the RFC to the RAF

Visits Options

RFC/RAF Squadron airmen research service

Specific airmen graves or site of action

British VC airman buried with honours in the middle of a German cemetery

Red Barons crash site, 1st and 2nd burial positions

Accommodation for a group of 8 (4 x twin en suite rooms)

Transport arranged

Groups of 25 plus managed

Per ardua ad astra

("Through adversity to the stars")