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The Forgotten Front Loos Battle Tour

The forgotten front of 1915 and the first British set battle of 25th Sept is a tragic action with 60,000 casualties. Because of the lack of artillery French and Haig supplemented with 140 tons of gas. This was the British retort to the German attack using gas which was successful in April that year. When our gas was released the wind changed and gassed our own troops resulting in 3000 casualties.

We will start at the crassier and walk to the top, it's a challenging climb but we will take our time. The whole battle area can be seen from these slag heaps which are the largest in Europe. After this battle brief and area orientation we will visit the features of this condensed battle front and walk the ground our troops fought so desperately over. Moving on to 'Dud Corner' cemetery and see the 20,000 soldiers names who are 'missing', VC winners and prominent names on the memorial. We will also see the Queen Mothers brother's grave, Jack Kipling's grave (Rudgard's son), profile a Maj General killed commanding his forward HQ, German bunkers, a massive tunnel system under the area with supporting maps and the mine craters from the subsequent stalemate. The interesting action's of the 47th London Division who kicked 6 footballs into 'No Man's Land'. And finally, a thought provoking visit to Mazingarbe where 11 soldiers were 'Shot at Dawn' in the abattoir, then move on to their graves.


  • The Crassiers (slag heaps)
  • Dud Corner cemetery
  • VC winners and actions
  • Maj General killed
  • Lone Tree memorial
  • Vermelles and 46 Div memorial
  • Queen Mothers brother's grave
  • German bunkers and fighting tunnels
  • British Tunnel system
  • Mine craters
  • Jack Kipling's grave
  • Robert Graves's actions
  • Hill 70 actions (Canadian memorial)
  • 47 London's and the 6 footballs
  • Mazingarbe 'Shot at Dawn' soldiers