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"Walking in Their Footsteps" Tour

A full day tour starting with a presentation of WW1 soldiers equipment, weapons, uniform, artillery shells, shrapnel, fragmentation and grenades. We will then evaluate Geoffrey Malins and John McDowells famous 1st July 1916 film footage. This film footage is the definitive account of the battle of the Somme split into 5 parts, the build up, artillery barrage, going ‘over the top’,  wounded evacuation and the aftermath. This tour takes you to the 12 most famous locations and most of it filmed on the worst day in British Army history.

With our digital technology we will place you on the exact position of all 12 positions with GPS pin point accuracy. Handouts will be available throughout the tour, the battle action will be explained in detail with maps, Corps, Divisions, Brigades and Battalions in action.

Artillery positions of the massive 15 inch guns, only 10 ever made and 8 used on this offensive.

General Beauvoir De Lisle pre-battle brief to the Lancashire Fusiliers.

White City and Battalion HQ

Tenderloin Street Trench and the Regimental Aid Post

King Street and the advance to the ‘Front Line’

The ‘Sunken Road’ located in ‘No Man’s Land’ and a forward position 1st July 1916

Hawthorne explosion and crater blown with 40, 600lbs

Infantry going into action from the front line (Marlborough trench)

Casualties being carried to the ADS and walking toward the camera

Minden Post, dressing station, POWs and walking wounded near Carnoy

Location of the German front line and the massive artillery bombardment, showing HE (high explosive) gas and shrapnel air bursts.

The Culvert, where 1000s of soldiers passed through heading to and from the battlefield.

(This tour can also be tailored to suit your timings, either half or part day)

Please contact us for further details and a quote.