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Posted By: Nige Smith On: 14th January 2011
"I have been on many battlefield tours with Dave, each one is unique, exciting and the facts and stories very interesting.
Last year we visited a location and Dave produced WW2 items loaned from a family friend. He told the story of the soldier who the items belonged to and his experiences during the war making it all very personal and meaningful.
Dave is very knowledgeable, has a good sense of humour and is the best tour guide. Highly recommended."
Posted By: Leigh Gardner On: 13th January 2011
"Dave Platt is the real deal. There are loads of battlefield tour operators out there, and most of them are academics - that wasnt what I was looking for. Daves approach (as a REME Warrant Officer) is two-fold: firstly from military strategy perspective (the battles objectives and reasoning behind the offensices); and secondly from the viewpoint of 'on-the-ground' soldiers (even cited from soldiers personal diaries). His research is faultless, and he takes you to not only the known areas, but more importantly to those key areas of the battles which arent widely known. The fact that Dave does these tour on a bike is a plus for me, as id happily go on one of his tours if it wasnt.
Looking forward to the WW2 battlefield tour this year Dave!"
Posted By: Martin Hobbs On: 7th December 2010
"Having taken part in one of Daves Biker Battlefield tours I just had to send this review. For all you bikers out there i strongly recomend a trip with Dave Platt on his Biker Battlefield Tours. It combines rides around some great countrysides of Europe and Tours of some of the Battlefields of the First and Second World Wars. Dave has so much knowledge and great delivery to keep you riverted through out the tour. This is a must for all Military (Biker) enthusiasts.
Great Trips Dave"