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Posted By: Steve Lundy - Canada - Reviewed 21 April 2017 On: 17th June 2017
"This place is amazing. Dave and his lovely wife Anita made us feel so welcome, that I felt like family. In fact now, we are family. Dave has a massive knowledge of the Battles, skirmishes, trenches, both allied and Axis, tunnels and more. Nothing is read from a book, he knows the History. The best part, Dave is retired British Army of over 30 years, so he understands the lay of the ground, the troop movements and Regiments. In other words, he not only can talk the talk, he can and has walked the walk. That's the kind of tour guide I want, and we got it!!! Not some text book wanna be. Daves the real thing, with the passion of the History to go with it. But as an added bonus, he has the personality to go with it. Like he says, "Like a Ninja".
If you or your friends are wondering about a tour, Give them a call. You will not be disappointed.
Now Anita has played a huge part in this as well. She made us a superb breakfast every day, lunch on the road and a home cooked meal every night. The rooms are immaculate, the house is kept spotless and she has a wonderful personality and made us feel so welcome. They are a great team, and I am glad to call them family.
Can't wait to go back."
Posted By: Gordon Brown - Canada Reviewed 18 Apr 2017 On: 17th June 2017
"Excellent!! Dave and Anita are terrific hosts, they make you feel like old friends and look after you better than expected. Dave is a wealth of information on WW1 and keeps you on your toes by quizzing you every now and then. Should the opportunity arise, I will be back. Its a shame there are only 5 stars available as Beaumont Hamel View rates at least 7!! Thanks Dave and Anita for a terrific but short stay. "
Posted By: Rita wager. Buckinghamshire On: 8th April 2017
"I thoroughly recommend a stay with Dave and Anita to anyone who has an interest in WW1. Dave's knowledge is absolutely amazing and he has a fantastic way of explaining everything. Not enough words to describe my visit, although very emotional, I am just so pleased I went and to stay with Dave and Anita was an added bonus.
Thank you both for everything. "
Posted By: Steve and Denise Whittaker On: 6th April 2017
"A very highly recommended guest house and battlefield tour guide.
Set in the heart of the Somme, Beaumont Hamel View feeds the individuals thirst for knowledge about the Great War. This trip was to join our friend and follow in her grandfathers footsteps.
The hosts, Dave and Anita, greet all guests like friends and by the time you depart, you are friends.
This comfortable, clean and friendly guest house provides a solid base for battlefield hunters.
Dave's knowledge knows no limit when bringing the battlefield to life, with his mini museum of equipment etc found on the battlefield, preserved to show the future generations.
As Dave frequently said, he is speaking for the soldiers and telling the stories.
No day on the battlefield could start or end without the delicious and fulfilling meals prepared and served by Anita. Oh and not forgetting the selection of wine available to accompany the evening meal.
Thank you both for making this journey so emotional and complete.
Posted By: Graeme & Phoebe Bishop - New Zealand On: 7th February 2017
"I can not recommend this place enough to people with a interest in military history, Dave went out of his way to cater to our requests for a New Zealand styled tour through the battlefields of the Somme, his knowledge rivals some of the best when it comes to the history of the Western Front.
The guest house was lovely and clean and made for a comfortable stay, the food prepared by his lovely wife Anita was first class and very filling after long days in the sun.
We should have spent more time in this beautiful part of France, New Zealand history will forever be tied to this area.
Thank you to Dave and Anita for making our pilgrimage to see where my Grandfather fought one of my most treasured memories.
Regards Graeme & phoebe Bishop"