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Posted By: Andy & Diane Birch On: 15th August 2017
"This was the fourth time we have been to Dave and Anita's Guest House for a battlefield tour and we werent disappointed, the food was as great as always, the wine flowed and after a hard days touring in the Landrover was very welcome...
Daves knowledge of the battlefields in and around the Somme is excellent, and he can reel off the facts one after the other, the tours are very interesting with some very unique places to visit, we followed a relative who died on the somme on the Saturday, and went to Belgium on the sunday and followed 2 more relatives, their battle actions, and in one case their ultimate demise...
I would recommend Dave and Anita to anyone looking for a battlefield tour, and my wife and myself can't praise them both highly enough...."
Posted By: Richard Whiting July 2017 On: 12th July 2017
"After trying on several occasions to plan a tour for a small group with constantly changing diaries, our thanks goes to Anita for her flexibility in finally managing to accommodate us all.
Having previously stayed at a well-known guest house within the area, it was the first time we took the opportunity to have a Battle Field Tour. Beaumont Hamel View and Dave proved to be the genuine article. His enthusiasm was infectious and with a military background, you’ll receive a vast knowledge of the local area by a 1st World War subject matter expert.
The group took advantage of the 4x4 Landrover tour which is highly recommended and good value. Stand-by for a full day, starting with a brief at 08:30hrs and concluding at 16:00hrs which gives a true feel for the battlefields and the Somme area.
Already looking through the vast selection of motorcycle tours, in a hope we can get something booked up for next year.
The guided tour and accommodation certainly lived up to its 5 Star Trip Advisor rating.
Posted By: Andy and Sue Lovett On: 24th June 2017
"This is related to the 'Simply Unique' review written by Gareth W (one of our friends) and has captured our opinion perfectly in his review.... Spot on Gareth! So I will try not to repeat anything but tell our story...

I had been communicating with Dave for around a year prior to our stay at Beaumont Hamel View guest house.

Originally my wife I had arranged to do the tour last summer but we had to cancel last minute due to problems on my side and postponed the tour to this year.

This was unfortunate at the time, but taking the positives this bought some time to arrange some research on past relatives who served in the Great War and prepared us a little for the tour.

So I provided Dave with the Service numbers of my relatives and for a fee and a few weeks later, he generated information packs detailing their movements, campaigns and detailed information about battles they fought including maps, census records, identity cards, illustrations etc.
All this helped me piece together the snippets of anecdotal information provided by surviving relatives. I can thoroughly recommend these packs, they are fascinating reads.
They are around 20+ pages of detailed info and in one of my packs even stated the position of where one of my relatives fell.

End of last year, a group of us friends (8 of us) got together and booked in with Dave.

It was fair to say that none of us really knew what to expect. I thought the three days would mainly be sight seeing with a few facts thrown in but we were all really blown away by Dave's extremely detailed encyclopedic knowledge of events on the battlefield and in the war and his passion in the subject.
Dave 'refined' the tour itinarary to include some battles and memorials relevant to my relatives and of intertest to the other group.
This was great for me (and the other members of the group found it interesting too) and Dave officiated a touching tribute to one of these relatives at the Pozieres Memorial which was totally unexpected but I am really grateful for.
For me one of the most thought provoking and emotional visits was to the site of the Battle of St Quentin Canal where my surviving relative fought all framed by a detailed description of the battle from Dave.
We visited many memorials large and small, craters (a mega crater 90 Meters diameter), battle sites, trenches, shot at dawn graves, tunnels under a church, a bunker, land marks etc all accompanied by Dave's detailed knowledge of events which brought each place to life and put you back into that time.

To summarise, brilliant, sometimes mind blowing with the amount of information but really couldn't wish for anything different and a real positive experience I will always remember. As Gareth said, you won't better this

To quote Gareth "Roger that!"... Haha Dave..

Many Thanks Dave and Anita"
Posted By: Gareth Williams - Stayed 12 May 2017 On: 17th June 2017
"We recently stayed here with friends for a long weekend in May '17. A friend of ours was retracing his ancestors steps in the First World War.

The guest house accommodation was very clean and comfortable with a homely feel. Dave and Anita were perfect hosts and very accommodating. We started each day with a hearty breakfast, provided by Anita, which set us up nicely for the day ahead.

A packed lunch, provided by Anita, kept us going through the day and each evening we were served a lovely home cooked meal. Food portions were great. Anita is a great cook!

Dave, an ex military man, was our tour guide for the weekend and was incredibly knowledgable and keen to convey this knowledge to us all. His passion for the subject was second to none.

His interest also extends to a passion for WW1 memorabilia and artefacts which Dave used to further explain what life was like living and fighting on the Somme. Few people can say that they've enjoyed a nice glass of wine with friends whilst passing around a variety of machine guns and rifles..!

Being an ex Sergeant Major he was able to give us an insight to military life like no other.
By the end of the weekend we were all saying "roger that..!" :o)

Dave and Anita went to great lengths to make sure we were happy with the tour and were keen to accommodate our needs.

If you're after a detailed tour and experience of the Somme Battlefield I can't think of anyone who could better this. We all came away from the weekend knowing a great deal more than when we arrived and felt we'd had a weekend like no other.

Thank you Dave & Anita."
Posted By: Ailie Hardman - Reviewed May 2017 On: 17th June 2017
"This property is right on the battlefield site of the Great War, with amazing views. I was not sure what to expecting from the tour, and history is not really my specialty. I have to say I've learnt a lot, about what the soldiers faced in battle and the dangers they were put through, back in the day.
The information was plentiful and very well told. The itinerary of our tour was tailored to suit the group and was expertly tweaked to accomade our individual interests, during our three day stay
The couple who own and run the guest house are lovely and looked after our group of 8 really well. Home cooked food, locally sourced. We will definitely go back, there is so much to see and do."